Whom to Call

Downtown Partnership



Development Services and Market Data: Sarah Humbargar 719-886-0088 sarah@downtowncs.com
Membership: Margo Baker 719-886-0088 Margo@downtowncs.com
Communications (Marketing and Media Relations): Laurel Prud’homme 719-886-0088 Laurel@downtowncs.com

City of Colorado Springs

Office of Economic Development: Bob Cope 719-385-5561 bcope@springsgov.com 
Urban Planning and Entitlements: Ryan Tefertiller 719-385-5382 rtefertiller@springsgov.com
Revocable Permits: Matt Fitzsimmons 719-385-5396 mfitzsimmons@springsgov.com 
Sign Permits: Kurt Schmitt 719-385-5072 kschmitt@springsgov.com 
Parks and Landscape Design: Connie Perry 719-385-5375 cperry@springsgov.com
Stormwater Review: Steve Rossoll 719-385-5454 srossoll@springsgov.com
Community Development and Affordable Housing: Steve Posey  719-385-6880  rposey@springsgov.com
Parking Enterprise: Greg Warnke 719-385-5682 GWarnke@springsgov.com
Traffic Engineering: Kathleen Krager 719-385-7628 kkrager@springsgov.com

Pikes Peak Regional Building

Plan Review: Jay Eenhuis 719-327-2880   jay@pprbd.org
Mechanical Review: Shelby Erickson  719-327-2974  shelby@pprbd.org
Electrical Review: Shelby Erickson  719-327-2974  shelby@pprbd.org
Plumping Review: Shelby Erickson 719-327-2974  shelby@pprbd.org
Construction Review: Shelley Dicker  719-327-2986 shelley@pprbd.org
Plan Review: Steven Smith  719-385-7362  sdsmith@springsgov.com

Colorado Springs Utilities

Economic Development: Cindy Newsome 719-668-3835   clnewsome@csu.org
Water Review: Bill Davis 719-668-8254  wtdavis@csu.org
Wastewater Review: Bill Davis 719-668-8254  wtdavis@csu.org
Electric Review: Mary Hoaglund  719-668-4083  mhoaglund@csu.org
Natural Gas Review: Dee Dee Brook  719-668-4510  debrook@csu.org

Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC

Economic Development: Hannah Parsons 719-338-2755  hparsons@cscedc.com

Small Business Development Center

Executive Director: Aikta Marcoulier  719-667-3821  aiktamarcoulier@elpasoco.com