Technical Assistance

Technical assistance and opportunities to work with technical staff members to resolve issues early on can be an incredible time saver to complex urban projects. From incentives and technical assistance available through Colorado Springs Utilities, to initial inspections and plan review available through the Colorado Springs Fire Department and Regional Building Department, many departments offer these tools for moving a project forward.

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU)

Colorado Springs Utilities Rules and Regulations allow it to meet unique contract needs for primary employers in commercial, industrial or contract-service sectors if the current or potential customer presents a significant risk or opportunity (potential loss or gain) to the municipal utilities system.

Unique rates for specific use profiles may include the following provisions that can differ from the applicable tariff:

  • Fee deferrals for charges and fees
  • Cost participation for relocations, extensions, and capacity improvements
  • Special rates for utility products and services
  • Revenue guarantees
  • Financial assurances
  • Extension of electric lines
  • Extension of natural gas mains
  • Wastewater and water development charge deferrals
  • Free on-site energy audit by a certified energy engineer

Contact: Rob Osborn, Manager, Office of Economic Development, Colorado Springs Utilities,


Colorado Springs Fire Department RESTART program

The RESTART program helps businesses and Realtors through the process of finding and developing an existing commercial property so that it meets both the needs of the potential owner/tenant and fire code requirements.

Contact: Steve Smith, Fire Protection Engineer II, Division of the Fire Marshal,

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD)

PPRBD provides pre-submittal consultations for a minimal fee to allow designers to have plans reviewed by the building department prior to submittal to call out “red flags” and help save time on the review process. This service must be requested through PPRBD by submitting a request form.

Contact: Jay Eenhuis, Deputy Building Director-Plan Review,

Rapid Response

The City of Colorado Springs created a Rapid Response team program that provides expedited development plan review and permitting to qualifying primary employers and other Downtown projects. The Rapid Response Team provides a connection among all the necessary reviewing agencies, the company representatives and their contractor. This helps to reduce the permitting and review time by about half the typical processing time, helping companies save time and money. The team often suggests approaches to reduce the time involved in project approval and construction, including reasonably accelerating planning approvals.

Contact: Bob Cope, Economic Development Manager, City of Colorado Springs,