Other Incentives

Other incentives are available on a case by case basis depending on the project and the city’s goals at a given point in time.

DDA job incentive program

DDA job incentives are available on an invitational basis for companies with at least 10 full time employees, adding at least 10 additional full time employees sited in Downtown, and signing a new or renewing a lease within the Downtown Development Authority. Incentive availability and amounts vary by industry and hiring wages. For more information, contact Downtown Partnership Staff.

Contact: Sarah Humbargar, VP Development Services, Downtown Partnership, 719-886-0088, Sarah@DowntownCS.com

Fee waivers and reductions

Customized incentive packages are sometimes available for Downtown projects, aimed at waiving or reducing specific development fees that impact the bottom line for highly prioritized project types. Specific priorities include hospitality developments, and multifamily residential developments. For more information, contact the city’s Office of Economic Development.

Contact: Bob Cope, Economic Development Manager, City of Colorado Springs, 719-385-5561, bcope@springsgov.com

Parking Enterprise Group Leasing

The Colorado Springs Parking Enterprise offers group space leasing based on availability in city-owned garages to help offset the costs of building on-site structured parking. Because a significant portion of Downtown Colorado Springs is designated parking-exempt, many new developments have taken advantage of this option. Group leases lower the monthly price per parking space from $60 to $50 when 75 or more stalls are leased.

Contact: Greg Warnke, Parking Administrator, City of Colorado Springs, 719-385-5682, gwarnke@springsgov.com