Why Downtown

Investing Here

Downtown Colorado Springs is capturing the nation’s eye as a top urban area in a growing mid-size market, well suited for both local and institutional investment and with room to grow. We are on the move, attracting new residents, businesses and development investment. Downtown Colorado Springs has experienced an unprecedented $600 million in completed, in-process or announced public and private investment in our built environment since 2013. Retail vacancy rates have plummeted, office space is garnering healthy gains in rents per square foot, and pipeline projects are surging. As the heart of Olympic City USA, Downtown Colorado Springs is uniquely positioned to provide an urban environment unlike anywhere else in the country: a superior business climate where Downtown meets down time in no time.

    Total Investment: $863,070,202
  • $291,471,202
  • $224,175,000
  • $347,424,000

682 Acres
120 City blocks
587 Hotel rooms
29,380 Workers
1,256 Annual cultural events
3,245 Businesses
180 Acres of urban parkland
4,650 Municipal public parking spaces
5,154 Higher education students
1,636 High school students
8,000 Weekly church parishioners

Urban Living

Whether your interest is living near where you work, or simply integrating the amenities found in Downtown Colorado Springs into your daily environment, Downtown is a neighborhood of its own right. With 9,550 residents living within the downtown core, and 223,000 within a 5 mile radius of the area, our residents are surrounded by community. Currently, there is a pipeline of 767 units announced or under construction in and near the Downtown. However, downtown is also home to a number of historic properties as well as affordably priced options to suit every need. For more information on living downtown, including where the closest daily amenities are located, visit our companion website.

Professional Environment

Downtown is Colorado Springs’ center of business and commerce, and serves as an attractive place for professionals to start their small business, grow their corporate presence, or build their startup from the ground up. With the strongest office market segment in the city, representing 22% of the city’s base of Class A office space and 12% of the overall office landscape, those seeking office space are bound to find an environment that suits their needs. From individual desks and small offices in shared work spaces, to full floorplate’s and class A amenities, Downtown’s varied office environment is representative of the diversity of businesses. Downtown is home to a daytime population of over 20,000 people, many of whom work in professional services and are of higher than area median incomes.


Downtown Colorado Springs is uniquely positioned nationwide as urban center directly connected to the great outdoors. Here you can leave your Class A office space at noon, experience world-class mountain biking and fat-tire riding just outside your door, and be back at work at the end of your lunch hour. Downtown has five urban parks of nearly 200 acres, hosts weekly runs and bike rides such as Jack Quinn’s, the UpaDowna Pedal Party, and Kids on Bikes’ Popcycle Ride, and is just 15 minutes from the renowned Manitou Incline, which many will scale in the morning before heading to the office. Virtually no other city in the country can offer that.

If boutique shopping or a little pampering is more your style, just head to one of many locally owned Downtown shops, galleries or salons. Want to grab coffee with a friend? Colorado Springs has been ranked a top city for coffee culture, and is also home to over 110 restaurants, bars and microbreweries. In summer months, check out farmers and outdoor markets with local fare. Whether you seek night life or trail life, it’s all accessible from Downtown. Find more information on Downtown amenities on our companion website.